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Benjamin said...

I am opposed to this bill on two grounds. The first, being obvious, is religious reasons. Given that bias, I still do not believe homosexuals need civil protection. I do not see signs around town that say “We don’t serve queers here.” If anything, I see the general public bending over backwards to these people as the very active homosexual movement has left people fearful of lawsuits. Also, one’s sexual orientation cannot be discerned on the outside like skin color can. Sure homosexuals often drop hints in flamboyant ways, but a flamboyant man is not necessarily a homosexual and a straight man can pretend to be homosexual in order to take advantage of the benefits offered him by this bill, such as free access to public restrooms, showers and locker rooms of the opposite sex. You can see where the abuses will begin and now the general public, through one stroke of Ritter’s pen, will have no recourse. That is a stripping of freedoms and a moral ground that I oppose.

The second ground I referred to earlier is the rights of employers. They have now lost some of their ability to fire or hire individuals at will, which is too bad, as it decreases national productivity and limits an employer’s ability to make decisions based upon their own values and belief systems. Example one: a slacker finally gets fired from his job. Afterwards, he files a lawsuit claiming it was his homosexuality that was the real reason for his firing, whether he is gay or not. With this new bill behind him, he wins in court and puts the small business out of business to the detriment of society as a whole.

Example two: religious organizations and other businesses that have deep moral objections to homosexuality as a company belief system will now be challenged by the Michael Jones of the world. Gays will flood these companies with applications, knowing full well it is not in the best interest of the organization and knowing full well that the organizations will have to deny the application. No conservative church is going to hire a homosexual and they know it and they will use this Bill to try to force their belief systems on the church or sue. They have, for years, been trying to force Christians and others to change how they view acts of homosexuality, and now they will have the courts to back them up. Interesting how a group that claims all they want is acceptance, won’t accept other’s point of view.

My final note is this. Though it may seem trite, I believe in hating the sin and not the sinner. I also find heterosexuals who sleep around just as reprehensible. I burn with anger toward infidelity. God created sex to be enjoyed in a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman and anything that looks different from that is wrong. The good news is, thank God our salvation is not dependent upon our activities. Christ can heal our sins and He can help us as we walk out of our addictions. We all have issues, whether we struggle with alcoholism, pride, insecurity or homosexuality. Through Christ, we can overcome.

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