Random thoughts generated after talking to a few liberals

Liberals extol the virtues of communism and flock to its promise of the redistribution of wealth. But if it really worked, then how come all of the gold in Russia still resides in the Kremlin? Why wasn't it redistributed? Just a thought.

I'm sick and tired of liberals painting conservatives as racist. It is intellectually lazy. There are racist liberals and racist conservatives, but to paint all with a broad brush is unfair, especially considering conservative Christians were among the first to fight against slavery and then later fight to end the Jim Crow laws in the South. JFK broke from many of his own party when he fought for equal rights.

Some liberals' trump card this election is to accuse those against Obama as being racist. No, actually, I heed to the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I judge a man on the conduct of his character, not the color of his skin. Obama's character leaves much to be desired.

I actually had a person tell me that this is the darkest time ever in American history, which is why a Democrat needs to be elected. The darkest time ever? Really? Worse than the Great Depression? (As she sat there in her Gucci sunglasses and designer jeans, holding her Starbucks coffee) Worse than the Civil War? What universe are they living in? Fact: our unemployment rate is still the best in the world, our gas prices are among the lowest in the world (and would be lower if Democrats would stop blocking the extraction of our own oil), low home prices have helped first time home buyers, the stock market remains (unfortunately for the template) steady. How are these the darkest times in US history?

And then I must ask these people, have they even been to third world countries, where freedoms have been stripped by ruthless dictators? Have they lived with people in grass huts, drinking from the same pond that bathing and other duties are performed? Have they ever lived in a way where the only way they could eat is if they grew the food themselves (and pray the drought waits another year). What an insult to those people who are not blessed to live in the US! Don't tell me about bad times as you drive your Jetta to your tennis match!

The war in Iraq. One may desire peace at all costs and I appreciate that opinion. But I don't appreciate the conspiracy theorists who claim Bush's intent was dubious. I believe Bush truly did want to liberate the people, and the fact is, they have been liberated. For the first time, art is allowed back into the country. Free speech is allowed. And don't forget, when the US forces ousted Saddam, the news reported how all across America, Iraqis took to the streets in celebration. Americans may not be for the war. I'm not for war. But many Iraqis are grateful for the good we have brought to their country.

Phew. Thank God for blogs. Now that this is off my chest, I can get back to work.


VH said...

I agree with you completely. It's amazing that I see people walking around with iPhones, laptops, and nice clean clothing while you hear these same people complain about the end of the world just around the corner. Don't get me wrong, we still need to be fiscally conservative as a nation but the exaggeration from the Left is comical.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin - most excellent commentary! Couldn't have said it better - although - I have tried! :^) I'll be back!!

cailean said...

There's exaggeration on both sides, of course. I don't think most Obama supporters want anything to do with communism.

I'll point to Canada. I have some interesting conversations with a Republican couple I know in Minnesota. They seemed to believe that Democrats (and we Canadians) want pure socialism. Canada is much more socialist than the U.S., but we're a far cry from communism. We have public health care, which is awesome. We have higher taxes, which we deal with. But the fact remains that we're still democratic (our monarchy is just for fun) and we're capitalists. Even our farther-left parties (such as the NDP) aren't as socialist as you'd expect. (There are some communist and marxist parties but they never win any seats.)

The difference is that there are a few super-important areas (health care, for example) where business is restricted in favour of a public, equal, greed-free system.

I'm surprised sometimes by the idea that adopting a little bit of socialism will destroy the American dream. In reality, I think some of these things will only make the dream more accessible to the average person.

I do agree that the idea that the current state of the U.S. isn't as bad as some make it out to be, but there are dangers of the current route that need to be addressed by either party.

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