Man Made Disaster


Benjamin said...

Around the year 2000, a remarkable event occurred in human history. Man had produced more food than hecould fill mouths. The problem of hunger and poverty was not due to shortages, rather to dictators and ruthless leaders.

Only eight years later, we have found ourselves with shortages once again. This time, it is due to the fact that we are plowing our fields to fill our vehicles. The government is subsidizing farm owners huge stipends to raise biofuel crops. It has become more lucrative, not through the markets, but through government, to forgo food producing crops in favor of corn used for ethanol. The dirty little secret is that ethanol is not a cleaner fuel. It takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol over gasoline than the ethanol replaces. It has been proven to be a losing option, yet the left insists trying to make it work. All at the expense of feeding the people of the world. I thought the left cared about poor people.

This is what has caused the recent man made panic over our oil shortage. At this time, there is no oil shortage. We have untapped oil fields in North Dakota and Alaska that rival that of Saudi Arabia. We have natural gas resources on the Roan Plateau. There is oil deep within the Atlantic Ocean. Congress is refusing to let us access these places, all at the bequest of far reaching environmentalists. End result? Cuba is now drilling in the untapped areas of the Atlantic, mere miles away from our own shore.

The other problem is the refineries. We could have all the oil in the world but it wouldn't amount to anything if we don't start building new refineries and update our many aging ones. But this action has also been forbidden thanks to the influence of the environmental lobby. The left always talks about getting us off of foreign oil. We could be completely self dependent on our own oil, if they were really serious about that mantra.

It doesn't compute to me how we purposefully hamstring ourselves into third world dependency. There are limits on both sides of any topic and on this issue, the left has gone way too far.

~BG~ said...

Nikola Tesla invented the first AC electric engine over a 120 years ago, or, a perpetual motion induction motor. There was more money to be made in buying and selling, than something that could run itself. Enter the right.

Electric motors were also introduced as an energy efficient idea by Carter in the late 70's to ween off the oil dependencies. Carter tried to avert another disaster, but was quickly shot down by the Republican congress.


Without the environment, what do we, as people, have left? The run-off from corn-ethanol is catastrophic in the Gulf of Mexico dead-zone.

Even wind turbines have shown to affect the flight patterns of migrating birds.

The cleanest way to go? Electric motors, solar powered. Toxic free, and hassle free. The ONLY reason people are agiainst it, is that there is no profit to be made.

But, I might also add that the Republican party founder, Thomas Jeffereson, was against corporations of any kind in the U.S.A.

Benjamin said...

I wish solar power were the answer. If it was, I'd be on that wagon so fast. The problem with solar energy is that it lacks the kind of significant power required to fuel our society. Acres of land must be covered in order to even come close to replacing the efficiency of a few barrels of crude. And that's fine, if you live in Arizona. It's simply impractical for those in Seattle. People are against it because it is not practical. And need I remind you, profit is necessary in order to construct solar powered plants. Otherwise, who would pay for it?

And what is this about Thomas Jefferson (who was founder of the DEMOCRAT-Republican party, not the Republican party) not wanting corporations in the US? Corporations are what drive the economy. They are what give people jobs and put food on the table. Even Communistic China has that figured out. It doesn't make sense to desire a ban on corporations of any kind in the US. Cherished Solutions is a corporation. How else would people make money? Show me a country where corporations are banned, and I'll show you wide spread poverty.

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