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Benjamin said...

Does anybody else agree that the recent world tour was nothing more than an over the top publicity stunt by Barack-gag me-Obama? I would have been just as repulsed had this been John McCain. Nothing he said or did had any substance. He is the political Britney Spears. "Where's the camera?" and then he rushes to position himself in front of it.

What is more infuriating is the media's open lust they have for him. So much for objectivity. They have sold themselves to his empty campaign, propping him up as much as they can. Obama would be nothing without the media, and they know it. Is that who we want to be the leader of the free world?

And what the media won't report is that the 200,000 people in Berlin were actually there for a rock concert. While some may have attended for the express purpose of seeing the curiosity of Barack, a good untold number simply wanted to rock out.

I have to admit. Obama is a good looking man with striking features and polished speaking ability... that is when rehearsed. (His impromptu remarks are as stuttered as George W's) He says things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, that make me feel like soldiers will beat their swords into plow shears, that the lion will lay with the lamb while he is at the reigns.

In reality, I look at his voting record and realize how anti freedom he really is. I read his statements about the many communistic ideas he wishes to implement when in power, and frankly it frightens me. His idea that we can reason with nutcase loonies we call our enemies does have me concerned. And I wonder why others can't get past the warm and fuzzy exterior to see who this guy really is.

In closing, I post to you a message from a friend of mine in Iraq. This comes from a friend of his. I cannot verify the legitimacy of it, only that it does follow the character of whom I've gotten to know as Barack Obama.


From CPT Jeffrey S. Porter

As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram Afghanistan for about an hour on his visit to 'The War Zone'. I wanted to share with you what happened. He got off the plane and got into a bullet proof vehicle , got to the area to meet with the Major General (2 Star) who is the commander here at Bagram.

As the Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand he blew them off and didn't say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

So really he was just here to make a showing for the American's back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheer leaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States. I just don't understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost that he was scared to be around those that provide the freedom for him and our great country.

If this is blunt and to the point I am sorry but I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is. What you see in the news is all fake.

In service,
CPT Jeffrey S. Porter
Battle Captain
TF Wasatch
American Soldier

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