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Benjamin said...

I admit, there is a health care problem in America. But it cannot be solved with Socialized Medicine, Universal Health Care, or any of the other names a single payer system can go by. It has failed every time it has been tried. If anyone has a vested interest in this issue, it is me, with my myriad of health problems and pre-existing conditions. (See "colonoscopy" cartoon and comment for more details).

There needs to be protection and options for people with pre-existing conditions. There needs to be protection and tort reform for doctors and hospitals. The Amish in some places get reduced rates because doctors know they won't get sued. These are good places to start. But why won't the politicians look at them?

Instead, many Americans and politicians point to Canada as an example of what we should be. If that is the case, then why do my Canadian friends pay out of pocket for American health care?

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Here I am presenting Tom Tancredo his cartoon.