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Benjamin said...

There is an issue that has really been grating on me for a while, especially after the results of the last few election cycles. It is about how the Colorado Constitution is one of the most easily amendable constitutions in the nation. It just seems too easy to put a measure on the ballot. As a result, you get well meaning people, who haven’t a clue on how the world works, putting in horrible measures like the minimum wage law. Sometimes they put in measures that are so poorly written that after they have passed, no one is quite sure about the specifics, such as the campaign gift law, one that has firemen afraid of accepting basketball tickets from a friend. That law seems to also be set up to take down political enemies through the numerous loopholes that present themselves. It is horrible legislation and it should have never been left to the voters to vote on in the first place.

It seems we are throwing together constitutional amendments so fast that it won’t be long before we can count them in the five figures. In my opinion, it is absurd, and something should be done. Instead of just petitions, I think each new proposed amendment should pass through a legislative oversight committee, made up of four Democrats and four Republicans, as elected by leaders from both parties. If it passes the committee, then it can go onto the ballot. Ties go in favor of the amendment.

Anyway, that’s one solution, among many I’m sure. I am just tired of all of these stupid amendments passing that do nothing but restrict freedoms and handcuff us. Amendments are big deal. They shouldn’t be so easily
passed. Our founding fathers believed in a Constitutional Republic over a strict democracy.

My opinion on this seems solitary, but I don't know, what do you think? Take my poll and voice your opinion.

~BG~ said...

4 Democrats and 4 Republicans in a stalemate committee - you think nothing works now, that'll be the icing on the "nothing gets done" cake. Not to mention that any new committee would cost even more money to run, and as always, another group of bodies to oversee it.

My mom worked for a US Senator for 12 years, and she knows all too well the "gift law" - not being able to accept a gift from someone that she just helped get their green card legally, or helped with immigration in general. (And yes, many high profile people.) However, it prevents bribes on a small scale, and lobbying on a larger scale.

The word "politic" is in and of itself a loophole. The mission's defined objective, depends on who defines it - Democrat or Republican, they both have faults - faults, I might add, that were elected by the people. But, don't forget that Democracy lies within a Republic. I, myself, believe in the original Constitution; however, our founding fathers believed in the natural law of human nature, not in base politics of control.

I, myself, also have been involved on political steering committee's from a very young age. Believe me when I tell you that if there is no opposition to said amendment, it will pass. People cry foul all the time, but rarely have they stood up for opposing something. It is the duty of the people to voice concern, not cower under government control - no matter which party is in the captain's chair - the people shouldn't be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people. This is how our founding fathers set it up to be - freedom to petition/protest when something is not right.

Your idea for a steering committee is not right. The house and senate are the steering committee. The problems lie with not seeing eye to eye, because both think they are right. In the long run, that line of thinking hurts everyone, and another committee won't solve anything.

~BG~ said...

I'd like to ammend my previous comment :)

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, the changing of said laws are rarely made public, unless one is well versed on following the laws of the day.

The House and Senate make it a point NOT to make certain bills, laws, reforendums, etc. public for exactly the reason you stated and for why I stated the need for people to petition - they don't want people to get in the way! Cruel irony and contradictory to how they got elected/appointed in the first place. Usually because people in power, are afraid to lose it.

Sad but true, but this is what I think needs to change the most, again, if you are Demorcrat or Republican.

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